The Friends of Highland Road Cemetery The Friends of Highland Road Cemetery


Grave of Year of Death Grave Ref.
Colonel George Gawler 1869 Section A
General MC Spottiswoode 1890 2nd Central
Mrs George Fox 1888 2nd Central
William Johnson (Powder Monkey) 1897 Section C
Captain Colin Campbell 1869 Central Section
Captain John Berry 1913 Oval Section
Major General Henry Mawbey 1909 2nd Central
Color Sergeant Nicholas Canny 1898 Section A
Major Hyacinth Lynch 1947 Section C
George Moore, Commander RN 1890 West Central
Edward Clayton Hoar 1932 Section J
Count Frederick Cosmeto Metaxa, Admiral RN 1910 Section Q
Color Sergt. John Lannon 1906 1st Central South
James Abbott 1913