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Arthur Brickwood

Biographical Notes
Grandson of the founder of Brickwood’s brewery.
The family originated in the Guildford area and came to Portsmouth to build up their brewing business. There was already a member of the Brickwood family in Portsmouth. Martha Brickwood, who owned and ran the infamous ‘Marthas’ in Commercial Road, the watering hole of many naval men. Arthur married Caroline Cheaters in 1873, they had 9 children within 11 years, 5 of whom died in infancy and lived at 19 Penny Street in Old Portsmouth.
Arthur and his brother John inherited the family business and they built up a large portfolio of local pubs, both in Portsmouth and nearby Gosport. It was said that at one time there was a Brickwood’s pub on every corner of the town. With the 1887 purchase of the Portsmouth brewery in St Nicholas Street, he brothers moved the brewing operation there becoming the largest brewers and public house owners in the town.
Arthur became seriously ill around 1890 and in 1891 agreed with John to the floatation of what now became Brickwood and Co. Ltd. Arthur’s health continued to decline and he died on 20th of June 1894 aged 40 years.
Grave Inscription

Arthur Brickwood born 13th February 1854 died 20th June 1894.
Also his wife Caroline died 14th February 1912.
Also his son Harry born 17th June 1876 died 14th September 1950.