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Reginald Robinson Lee

Biographical Notes
Reginald Robinson Lee was born 1870 in Oxfordshire the son of William (a schoolmaster) and his wife Jane. About 1886 the family moved to Portsmouth and William found employment at St Judes Church School, Portsea.
When he signed-on to the Titanic in Southampton on 6 April 1912, Reginald Lee gave his address as 62 Threefold Lane, Southampton. He had transferred from the Olympic. As a lookout he received monthly wages of 5.
Lee was in the crows nest with Fred Fleet when the iceberg was sighted at about 11.40 p.m. on 14 April 1912. It was Fleet not Lee who shouted the famous "Iceberg Ahead" and the rest of the story is well documented. He was assigned as a rower in lifeboat 13 and was saved.
He later testified before the board of trade inquiry into the sinking.
After the sinking he signed on to the Kenilworth Castle. Whilst ashore he stayed at the Sailors Home. One night he fell ill and died on 6th August 1913 of pneumonia. He is buried at Highland Road Cemetery, Southsea with his parents. There is no mention of the Titanic on the memorial possibly because feelings were still running very high at the time.

William Lee
died 23 October 1887 aged 42.
Also Reginald Robinson,
late Assistant Paymaster, R.N.
son of William Lee,
died 6 August 1913 aged 43.
Also Jane Sarah
wife of William Lee.
Born 17th October 1847.
Died 23 November 1920